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The Legend of Valendri’s Relic by Tom Rogal

fantasy cover reveal for The Legend of Valendri's Relic by Tom Rogal

Neeza, the leader of the magic using people known as Mages, lives with only one regret: His inability to save his wife from a deadly disease. Now old and grey and with a daughter that hates him, he begins to lose hope that he will ever get the chance to save her. That is until he hears of a legend . . . a legend about a fabled relic known in lore as Valendri’s Relic. It’s power: The ability to bring the dead back to the living. But he is not the only one looking for it. Taking a group of students and volunteers with time growing short, he seeks out one of Gyyerlith’s most sacred treasures . . . as well as it’s most dangerous in the depths of Mount Hrithgorn. And to what lengths will he go to retrieve it? Brinks in Time: The Legend of Valendri’s Relic is the first in an epic tale of what one will go through for the ones they love and the sacrifices they would make. Join the adventure and mystique of Gyyerlith and realize: This is only the beginning.

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