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Here’s a bit about my process:

To schedule a date, I require a 50% deposit. That is non refundable but goes towards your balance. Once we settle on a date, I’ll send you an invoice via Paypal. Invoices must be paid within 48 hrs. If deposit is not paid within 48 hrs, I release the dates for scheduling.

After the deposit is paid, I’ll send you a cover questionnaire. I prefer to have all the cover info in that questionnaire. It’s just easier for me to keep up with if I have it all in one place. Whenever things are spread across several emails, they can be overlooked. Even if you tell me something in email, I still ask you put it in the cover questionnaire. It is very detailed and allows you to add in your ideas, book synopsis, character descriptions, etc. I like to have this back at least 48 hrs before your scheduled date if possible. That way, if I have questions, I can ask ahead of time.

On your scheduled date, I’ll send you a confirmation email; asking you to just confirm the details. As soon as you reply, I’ll start on the first draft. You will have 48 hrs to reply to my confirmation email. If you do not reply within 24-48 hrs, then you will have to reschedule and repay the deposit.

Once you confirm the details, I start on the first draft. First drafts are done within 48-72 hrs of me receiving your confirmation reply. First drafts are always rough. It’s mainly for me to know if I’m going in the right direction or way off. After getting your feedback on the first draft, I make whatever changes necessary.

After the draft is approved, an invoice via Paypal will be sent for the remaining balance. After the invoice is paid in full, final images will be sent. Full size, unwatermarked images are not sent until full payment is received.

Please be sure to read my copyright page for all info regarding copyright and terms of use for all designs  created by Indie Designz.

Fonts that I currently have a license to use are included in the quote. However if you require a specific font for your project only, then you will be required to purchase the font and send it to me. 

Images from Depositphotos, Bigstock, and Fotolia are included in the price points below. Images from any other sites will be an additional fee. That will be added to your final balance. If an image is going to be an additional fee, I will inform you when I send the first draft. You will have the option of approving the additional fee before it is added to your balance.

Plans & Pricing

All-in-one cover design + print & ebook formatting packages are also available.
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Individual Services:


  • Bookmark design – single side $30/double sided $50
  • Businesscard design – $40
  • Facebook banner- $25
  • Twitter Header- $25
  • 3D paperback display images-$15 (does not include front cover design)
  • Audio Cover-$60
  • Website/blog header-$50


*Note: All cover designs are made using stock photos. Certain images fees are included in the prices above. If an image fee is not going to be included, then I will inform you when I send the first draft.