Indie Designz Copyright

Payment of invoice is considered as entering into a design agreement with Indie Designz or Dafeenah Jameel (who is owner/designer of Indie Designz) and means you have read and agree to the below terms. It is your responsibility to adhere to them. Please read them carefully.

Do’s and Don’t’s

You can…

—use the purchased design for a book cover whether it’s print or electronic. This includes paperback, hard cover, and eBooks.

—use the purchased design on websites, social networking sites, and blogs. In fact, web usage is unlimited.

—use the purchased design in printed promotional material such as bookmarks, postcards, fliers, business cards, or any other product intended to be given away for free.

You cannot…
—use the purchased design on t-shirts, mugs, posters, binders, or any other product with the intention of selling the product. An additional license is required for that FOR EACH IMAGE USED IN THE DESIGN. Indie Designz will not be held responsible should you fail to contact me in order to purchase the extended license to sell promotional items.

—claim the DESIGN as your own. Purchasing a design from Indie Designz is not a transfer of copyright and should not be considered as such. Full copyright can be obtained by the Client for a reasonable additional cost. Until the contract is paid in full, all materials remain property of Indie Designz.

—modify the final design in anyway without my prior consent. (Alterations of any kind are NOT allowed to be done  anyone else other than Indie Designz)

—print more than 200,000 copies of the design (in any form) without the purchase of an additional license, unless otherwise informed by Indie Designz.

Credit for a cover design created by Indie Designz should be included on the copyright page of the printed/electronic work in this way:

Cover design by Indie Designz

Any other mention of Indie Designz is not required and purely at the author’s and/or publisher’s discretion.

Photos used in designs:
The Client unconditionally guarantees that any element of text or graphics furnished to Indie Designz for inclusion in the design does not infringe on any copyright or trademarks that have been already established by another company or organization. The Client will hold harmless and protect Indie Designz from any claim or suit arising from the use of such as furnished by the client.

It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that the name of their product, company or service is not already in use, and it is the Client’s sole responsibility to secure a trademark to protect the rights to any name or image. Indie Designz and its employees will not be held responsible for any legal action that may result from improper due diligence on the availability of a company name, book title, or image.

Indie Designz retains the right to display the artwork in their portfolios and marketing materials. Indie Designz often includes the search for, and purchase of stock images to be used in the creation of the Client’s design, the cost of which will be passed on to the Client. In such case, unless otherwise arranged, all stock images are used under royalty-free license of Indie Designz. As such, the Client has legal rights to use the stock images only within the scope of the purchased design, and all original copyright is retained by the photographer or licensing agency. Exclusive, rights-managed photography is available, but will incur additional cost.

All concepts furnished to the client are for client review and comment purposes only. Until all project invoices are paid in full by the Client, Indie Designz will retain exclusive copyright and ownership of all design and draft materials. Unrestricted, royalty free use of final designs are transferred to the client on payment of all fees, however unless otherwise arranged in writing, Indie Designz retains ownership of all draft materials not used in the final design.

Entering into a design agreement with Indie Designz, Jen Abbas, or Dafeenah Jameel (who are all one and the same) means you agree to the above terms and it is your responsibility to adhere to them. Please read them carefully. 

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the TOS