Indie Designz Author Referral Program

Over the years I’ve worked with some amazing authors, this is my way of giving back to those who have made designing more than “just a job.” I’ve wanted to start this program for awhile but am just now finally getting around to setting it up. The way it works is pretty simple.

Indie Designz Author Referral Program

Step One: Refer someone

You refer someone to me. Doesn’t matter what for, cover design or interior formatting. Be sure to tell them to mention who referred them in their email to me. It’s ok if you email me to say you referred someone, but that someone also have to tell me too. If the author you refer fails to mention your name, you won’t be eligible for the discount.

Step Two: Get a Discount

Then you’ll receive 10% off your next project with me; doesn’t matter if it’s a cover design, formatting, or both. And if you refer 5 or more authors to me, then you’ll get 20% your next project.


Now for the technical part:

The Rules

Discounts cannot be combined. Only one discount is allowed per project. For example, you refer two authors to me. That does not mean you get 20% off your next project. You’ll get 10% off your next project. Then 10% off the next. When/if you reach 5 author referrals, then you’ll 20% off your next project with me.┬áThe 20% off is a one time discount. But if you refer 5 authors a second time, then you’ll be eligible again for the 20% discount.

Discounts are not transferable. You cannot give your discount to another author. Discounts can only be used by the referring author.

Discounts cannot be applied to premade covers.

As mentioned above, the author you refer MUST mention your name to me in order for you to be eligible for the discount. I don’t mind if you email me to say “I referred XY to you”, but XY must say “ZW referred me” also.